Permanent Jewelry

Find our pop-ups under the EVENTS tab and email or dm us through Instagram for Partys or appointments.

Check out the event Tab for local Dfw Pop-up dates- no appointment needed. Any questions email us Or Dm in Instagram

Prices start at $38 and go up depending on the style of the chain. There is more than 10 different styles of chains. Including Gold and silver options. If you are interested in hosting a private permanent jewelry party we can help you plan it!

What is Permanent Jewelry? Permanent jewelry is a new one of a kind jewelry accessory that gets welded to the size you desire. It gets rid of the clasp, therefore you don’t need to put it on and take it off every day. It’s 14k gold filled or 925 silver metals, meaning you can have it on everyday. The process is fast, precise and pain free. Appointments are taken only by dm in Instagram or by email. If you are local to Dfw you can find our pop-up locations under the events tab.

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